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ALArchives Cemeteries
Continuation Form

Use this form for adding to a cemetery which you have submitted
previously from the cemetery submission form and chosen
"Partial Cemetery More to Come".
You must enter your name and the cemetery name exactly as it was submitted in the first posting.
After you have entered Your Name, Cemetery Name & email address click on submit
and this will bring your previous work back up to you for adding more data.
If the file becomes large please be patient while it loads the data.
If you get an error message when you submit be sure that you have entered
your name and the cemetery name exactly as it was submitted originally.
This form is only for those who have started a survey and wish to continue after choosing
"Partial Cemetery - More to Come".
If you are just beginning a cemetery transcription please go to
cemetery.html to start a new survey.
Your Email Address: *
Your First Name-Submitter: Your Last Name-Submitter:  
Cemetery Title: *

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